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My Experience With Experiential Training

Actualizado: 28 jun 2021

Autor: France-Marie Trépanier

I was one of these kids who daydreamed throughout her school years. I could not, for the life of me, get the necessary motivation to succeed. Some teachers may have concluded that I was not very bright. It is only in my adult years that I realized how creative I was. Unfortunately, the school system was designed (and still is) for left brained individuals, the ones who are logical, methodical, who rely on data, models and theories, leaving the right brained students who have emotional intelligence, who are creative, artistic and innovative, the ones who have emotional intelligence, to fend for themselves. Experiential training is an incredible tool to allow course participants to use their creativity to integrate intellectual concepts at the emotional level. With experiential training you do not only learn a model, you live it, feel it, integrate it emotionally right there in the classroom. For example, in a workshop on Change management, the trainer can lecture about change management; the different phases of change, the reactions the employees will have to change, the steps management will have to take to minimize the repercussions on the organization, etc.At this stage, change management, remains a purely intellectual concept. However, when a game or a simulation on the subject of change is played by the participants in an artificial setting the intellectual concepts become integrated at the emotional level. Suddenly, the participants really feel what it is like to experience change, to be suddenly insecure and uncomfortable.... The results are astounding. The participants leave the course with a deeper understanding of the subject and a lasting impression of the concepts being taught.

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